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Legend of La Befana and Gift Ideas

December 15, 2011

As Christmas approaches, I thought I would share with you another Italian tradition. In Italy, the holiday season lasts until January 6, The Epiphany. One of Italy’s beloved legends is of the kindly old witch, La Befana.

The story goes that the Three Wise men stopped at her house to ask for directions on their way to Bethlehem. To repay her kindness, they invited her to join them but she refused, claiming she had too much housework to finish. Later that day a shepherd asked her to join him in paying respect to the Christ Child but again she declined. That night she realized she should have gone, and so she gathered toys and ran after them, broom in hand, but couldn’t find them or the stable. Now each year on the night of January 5, high up on her broom, she delivers gifts to children hoping to find the Christ Child.

Speaking of gifts, do you have all your shopping done? No? Well of course, Assaggio gift certificates fit perfectly in those holiday cards or have a bit of fun and wrap them in various sized boxes. Because ripping wrapping paper off is the best part, right? But if those gift certificates are already checked off your list, we have a few more fun and unique suggestions below.

Corkcicle $22.95
“What looks like an arctic front freezing its way through the center of your bottle is actually the innovative Corkcicle. This icicle is made of BPA-free plastic filled with a reusable freeze gel, so you don’t have to worry about an early thaw diluting your wine. Simply place your Corkcicle in the freezer for at least two hours, and then insert it into any bottle of wine (after 1 glass has been poured) to maintain chilled white wine or to bring up red wines to their perfect temperature.”

Recycled Wine Glasses $28
“Handmade in Colombia from recycled glass, these substantial stemless wine glasses will add an interesting twist to any glass of wine. Sturdy and strong, the thick glass has a slight green hue that comes from a tint originally added to lessen the sun’s glare. Beautiful and interesting, these stemless wine glasses are an uncommon take on a stylish design.”

Honest Boy Pencil Sharpener $14
“This pencil/sharpener combo gives Piniocchio a chance at honesty as his nose shortens the more you use and sharpen the pencil.”

Singing Gondolier $39.95
“Bring a bit of Venice to your pool or pond. Standing upright in his gondola, wearing traditional attire, our little gondolier sings three authentic Italian songs as the motorized boat moves through the water.”

Gelato Maker $247.99
“Impress dinner guests with delicious, authentic gelato–like the kind found in an Italian gelato shop–thanks to this easy-to-use countertop appliance.”


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